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Sweet Delight 2.0

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Sweet Delight 2.0

Post by Atrocity on Sun 11 Sep 2011, 1:54 am

Sweet Delight 2.0 is out! What were the changes?

Navigation Bar

Rank Images


Minecraft Server update

Usertitles added

Custom rank images added

Forum shop

Adding new smilies.

Minecraft Server:

The server will be up and running in the morning some time soon and it will be 24/7. The map needs some work but it's okay.
The Forum:

Expect more things to be added. So far I have changed the theme but its not over yet. I will be implementing badges and more! So expect more updates. The banner is still being worked on and it will have easier navigation.

Be on the look our for Sweet Delight 2.1 coming out maybe in 2 weeks.


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